Run Python code on schedule

Seamless Cloud is a cloud solution for running python code on schedule. Status monitoring and real-time logs included.
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The story of pain
You find a repetitive task to automate
You need to send a custom Slack notification when something happens at work, or maybe copy data between Google Sheets once a day.
You write a script
You compose one that does something useful. It works on your local machine. Now you need to deploy it to the cloud.
You experience pain and suffering
You need to create a server, set up an infrastructure and a deployment pipeline. Then there are CI/CD pipelines, containers. This can take hours or even days to handle.
This is why we created Seamless Cloud
The cloud platform for running scripts on schedule
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No Infrastructure
No more solutions that require days reading documentation. You write the code - we worry about machines it runs on.
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Logs & Monitoring
Monitor scripts you run on schedule in a simple UI interface. Get real-time logs streaming out of the box.
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User Oriented
Built by people who believe that creators need simple, functional tools that are a pleasure to use on the daily basis.
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