Seamless Cloud
We automate your
business processes
Seamless Cloud provides professional services on top of our product. We cover the full cycle from problem definition to implementing custom software that makes your business run seamlessly.
Use Cases
Sales productivity
We solve a wide range of problems with sales productivity. For example, our team can help you improve data quality in Salesforce and shorten the sales cycle by automating notifications to sellers.
Marketing automation
Every business needs a lead generation engine it can rely on. Timely reports are crucial. We help automate marketing reports by pulling all the necessary data from CRMs that you use into a customized dashboard.
Accounting efficiency
Without the automation-first approach in the Accounting department, you will see operational costs grow exponentially. We solve the problem by automating the most repetitive tasks and eliminating the human error from the loop.
Our experience
Years of experience automating business processes within the founding team
Hours of manual labor were saved by our automation software
Tools and 3rd party services that we integrated our software with over the years.
Our process
You talk to our Automation Engineer who maps the business process.
We study the process and come up with the scope and success criteria.
Our team of engineers implements custom automation software.
You measure results the automation brought to your business.
Contact us and get 30 minutes with our automation expert, who will answer all your questions.
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